Monday, May 25, 2009


People, I would like to show you my latest (and last) baking accomplishment--a homemade ice cream cake.
In honor of Memorial Day, the official start of summer, I decided to combine two of my loves--cake and ice cream--into one delicious dessert. This one here is vanilla cake with homemade strawberry ice cream and whipped cream frosting. We went to a bbq at some of our friends' house (with Hebrew National hot dogs...we answer to a higher authority!) and took the cake for dessert.

Besides that, I just discovered that I can download Skype to my iPod Touch! This is awesome news because it means that, at least while I'm in Rome, I'll be able to Instant Message chat/call my family and friends who also use Skype which is totally free!!!


  1. "MY latest (and last) baking accomplishment"? Excuse me, but I believe I helped.

  2. That is a beautiful cake! Well done!/mom