Thursday, May 28, 2009


Today I arrived in Naples after a pretty decent flight, 30 minute train ride into Rome, and subsequent two hour train ride to Naples. All in all it was a pretty good trip until I got to the Naples subway and boarded the metro, which couldn't decide which way it wanted to go. We just sat on it for a while waiting and it finally decided it wanted to go the right way (that is, my way). Ifound my hostel, which is a pretty nice little place (except its on the "third floor" which is really more like the fifth floor and I KNOW that European floors are different than American ones, but come one...). Then I went to the Archaeological Museum which houses lots of paintings and mosaics from Pompeii and Herculaneum, which were stolen by archaeologists early in the century. I took lots of pictures like these statues on the left and this painting on the right. Then I took a walk around Naples and down to the harbor where you can see Mt. Vesuvius. By then I was pretty tired so I found a supermarket and bought some groceries for lunch/dinner for the next few days and came home for the night.

At the grocery store I had a small problem. This was not my first time at an Italian grocery store, but for some reason (I'll blame the jet lag) I looked like a total idiot. After I paid the woman for my groceries, I stood there waiting for her to hand me my change (a normal thing to do, i thought) and apparently she had already put it on the moving belt which she had then moved so my change was down at the end of the grocery line with my groceries and a whole bunch of angry Italians were yelling at me except I didn't know why/what they were saying. I finally deduced that they were telling me to get moving and eventually one of them moved around me, grabbed my change and shoved it at me. So, now I know. Don't expect someone to hand you change. Just expect it to show up somewhere.

After I got home with my groceries (which included Coke Lite, of course) I ate some dinner and talked to a man who is staying at the hostel and traveling around Italy. He's from Houston and has done a lot of traveling so he told me a bit about his travels, which was interesting.

Tomorrow morning, I'm off to Pompeii to do my research! Wish me luck getting in with my permit!


  1. Oregano is okay but stay clear of bay leaves.

  2. Read this post after I read the last post when you got the marraiage proposal. I'm afraid you are going to either get kicked out of Italy or come home with a trail of Italians. I'm gonna stay tuned for next "episode".