Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Academy, Cont'd

The Exterior of the Academy with the fountain....
The Interior courtyard.....
The Courtyard where we eat meals...

So, I wanted to update you on the state of the AAR and give you some pictures. I've also added some to my flickr page under the "My Photos" on the right side of this blog. Yesterday was a holiday in Italy so most of the city was closed down. We mostly just relaxed and later in the day we walked around a bit, got some pizza and gelato (I had pistachio and nutella) and came back for more relaxing. This morning we had our first "lecture" before which we all met at the bar for coffee. I normally don't drink coffee, but its really good here. Now, we're all about to head out for the afternoon to just do whatever we want. I think I'll go to some churches.

Also, good work on the answers to my contest in the Sorrento post. If you haven't yet posted an answer, feel free to post an answer, the contest continues through July 18!

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  1. wow, it looks ALMOST as nice as Charlottesville