Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And the fun begins

So we arrived in Pompeii yesterday very late because our trains got all messed up. Our apartments are about twenty minutes walk from the actual site of Pompeii so we have to walk there every morning and afternoon. Its not too bad, but I am sure it will be worse once we actually start digging. The rest of our team doesnàt arrive until Thursday so we went to the site today with one of our supervisors and saw where we will be digging and then walked around Pompeii a bit. Then we weeded. No joke mom, we weeded. We have to weed the area where we will be digging. After lunch we organized supplies and stuff like that and then I saw my advisor from UVA because he works on Pompeii stuff and is here for a week. He and I and another student in the program also from UVA went around Pompeii for a bit looking at some houses and paintings. It was nice. Now, I am trying to catch up on stuff. Internet is more than spotty so, entries will be few and far between.


  1. wow, you have to weed AND they don't have cake? What kind of place is this?

  2. OK,I know my Elizabeth didn't "weed", what did you do with my daughter?

  3. Wait.... What do you mean they don't have cake?