Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I just wanted to write a quick post to update you all on my status. I arrived at the American Academy in Rome yesterday afternoon to find a BEAUTIFUL villa, which I will be living in for the next three weeks. I will post pictures soon, but right now I'm just borrowing someone's computer so I'm trying to make it short. Anyway, I share an apartment with five other girls, but we drew numbers for rooms and I got lucky with the big corner room with a kingsized bed and double closets all to myself! The apartment is huge with high ceiling, a kitchen, two bathrooms and all the windows open up (there is no AC but its not really a problem). The kitchen is nice and they left us some biscotti and chocolate. We all eat dinner together in the courtyard of the villa, outside and its like a movie set, the tables are set with candles and wine and waiters walk around and bring you the food. Last night we had soup, eggplant, salad and then berries and fresh cream for dessert. Its sooooo pretty. Everyone should come visit me. The food is all grown in th e Academy's gardens so its super fresh and apparently you can volunteer in the kitchen on the weekends where they make their own yogurt and will give you soem....anyway more later!


  1. Sounds beautiful, enjoy!

  2. Hi Elizabeth- I read backwards, but I finally got to the good stuff: Gelato and your Villa!
    I LOVED the gelato in Rome! :-)
    It all sounds wonderful and even better with the great room to yourself.