Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Balancing out all the Gelato

Clearly the reason that the people here can eat so much gelato and pizza and everything without having problems is that they walk  A LOT. For example, Rome has lots of hills. Its known for having seven east of the Tiber River alone. The Academy is located on the Gianicolo, which the highest (i think) in the modern city and is located on the west side of the river. Unfortunately, Rome's public transportation isn't the greatest at least in terms of their Metro system so you have to rely on buses or your feet to get to more residential areas like the Gianicolo. Getting to the the Gianicolo means first walking through Trastevere which has lots of cool restaurants and a pretty church (Santa Maria in Trastevere, pictured above) and THEN begin the trek up the Gianicolo. And let me tell you, it is quite a trek. 

First you walk up these stairs:
Then you cross a street where people are speeding by on vespas and walk up these stairs:
Then, once you're finally at the top, you see this:
and this:

So, I guess its worth it in the end.


  1. Walking and olive oil....don't forget the olive oil.

  2. You haven't discovered the direct stairs yet? They are steep and nonstop but no busy street crossing required.

  3. Elizabeth! That girl owes me 50 bucks!!

  4. Who needs a stairmaster!