Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Best Gelato in Rome

The votes are in folks (my votes, that is) and the best gelato in Rome has finally been found. After days and nights of tireless gelato eating, agonizing over which flavors to choose, whether to get a small cone or a small cup, with or without whipped cream, with or without melted chocolate on top, before or after dinner (or both), sit down and eat or walk and eat (my life has been tough the past few weeks i tell you)---I have finally found the best gelato in the city of Rome.

Now, it has been a close race. "Miami" the gelato place close to the Academy is very good and for free they will dip your cone in melted chocolate and nuts and add whipped cream. I've enjoyed several delicious trips to that gelateria. There are also some really great places by the Pantheon (i honestly can't remember all the names, I just refer to them as "the ones by the Pantheon"). They both have many flavors. You may wonder what my criteria are for judging gelato and they are not too complicated. Usually, I always get one of my flavors as pistachio in order to have a constant (plus, pistachio is my favorite). Then, I base it on the texture, flavor and portion size. I do not like expensive places with tiny portions. Extras like chocolate and whipped cream also increase points.

In the end, today's gelato was a winner. It may have to do with the fact that I just ran across the city of Rome to make my reservation at the Borghese Gallery (which I ended up missing in fact) or the fact that it was a cool 150 degrees outside, but either way this gelato was AMAZING. Giolitti it is called and is located near the Column of Marcus Aurelius, which in my mind makes it even cooler. I ordered cinnamon and pistachio and they were both delicious and very smooth. To make things even better, the stores sells all kinds of candies and pastries, some of which are pictures below.

Other than walk around in the heat and eat the world's best gelato, I went to the Porta Portese flea market this morning. Its a pretty cool and crazy place. You can pretty much find anything there including, but not limited to underwear, sunscreen, shoes, microphones, fanny packs, and anything made in China. I learned how to bargain in Italian and I purchased a hat in order to shield my face and neck from the blazing sun.


  1. was the pistachio cinnamon TOGETHER good? It seems like a weird combination to me. Although, I guess no matter what, the gelato is still going to be delicious.

  2. Yes, interesting that you should mention was not the best combination in fact, but i am such a talented gelato eater that I managed to eat them almost entirely separately. The cinnamon was very good, though.

  3. ORANGE AND RED GRAPEFRUIT!!! And yes it is the best gelato in Rome (dare I say all of Italy?).

  4. It is very hard to type a comment while drooling all over the keyboard.