Friday, June 5, 2009

Cerveteri and the Forum

The past two days have been busy and I haven't really had a chance to post much, but here is an update. On Wednesday after our introduction to the program and tour around the Academy I wandered around Rome with some of the other girls and we went to visit about five churches. Here is a picture of me at Santa Maria in Cosmedin (with my hand in the fountain from Roman Holiday). On Wednesday at dinner several of the girls and I met one of the fellows who is an landscape architect/artist who is living here at the Academy for the year and working on his art. He invited us to see his studio and his art, which was very cool! He works on scenes of the city and it turns out that his studio looks out over the city. The Academy is located on the highest hill in Rome so you can basically see everything. The fellows who live here are awarded these special fellowships meaning that they (and their family is they have one) come to Rome for a year (or sometimes two) to work or study and they live in the Academy, eat the wonderful food and use all the resources available. Its really cool because so many scholars and artists are here that they get to meet lots of cool people.
Yesterday we had our first day out and we drove to the city of Cerveteri, which is outside of Rome and home to an Etruscan necropolis (burial ground). We spent the morning climbing in and out of Etruscan tombs, which are basically these gigantic mounds of dirt and tufa rock. It was pretty cool, but also a little bit eery since inside the tombs there were spaces for the bodies to rest. After lunch (we brought packed lunches) we learned how to measure spaces in order to make an architectural plan. At first I was less than excited because our director brought out rulers, measuring tape, compasses, etc. and started talking about math, which I HATE, but it turned out to be pretty cool and rather helpful. We had to measure the tomb and then draw a plan based on our measurements. Now I know what goes into all the plans that I see in my textbooks. This is a picture of my group in our part of the tomb with our finished plan. Yesterday afternoon we got back pretty late so I really didn't do much except eat another delicious dinner (complete with peach tart)!

Today, we went to the Roman Forum and learned about work that has been done to identify buildings. After our lecture I walked around with some of the girls and then came home to hang out and rest. Its got SUPER hot today, but I have so far managed to avoid any sunburns! Friday night dinners are earlier and are "kid friendly" so we had delicious ravioli and chocolate bread pudding! Now, we're about to head up to the terrace where we can see the entire city.

Tomorrow, I think I'll be heading out to Hadrian's Villa, which is about an hour outside of Rome itself. So, stay posted.

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  1. :( I'm jealous.
    Mostly of the peach tart.