Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Everything is Better in Roma

So we've been busy the past couple of days seeing lots of ancient sites and learning about archaeology: Monday we learned about stratigraphy which is basically the different layers that you uncover as you dig in order to help you date material. Today we learned about a Republican site outside of Rome. Tomorrow we head out to learn about city walls! (I know, it sounds really exciting, but its much cooler in person)

More importantly, I wanted to tell you about a few of the things that I've learned about the past few days. It seems that Romans (and Italians in general) really know how to do it right. Everything is better here! (well, maybe not everything, their "Coke Light" is really not good, the first thing I'm going to do when I get home is drink a gigantic Diet Coke). 
Exhibit A: Yogurt. I bought this yogurt at the grocery store and it is DELICIOUS! its creamy and sweet and tastes kind of like ice cream, but yogurt. Although, for all I know it is ice cream (since my Italian consists of "hello" and "where is the gelateria?"). I look forward to getting up and eating breakfast every morning. None of this low fat, low sugar, no calorie stuff for them.

Exhibit B: Hospitals. In the middle of the Tiber River that runs through Rome there is an island on which there is a hospital. I was crossing the island the other day and I noticed this rooftop terraces with flowers and gardens and little lounge chairs. What a better ways to spend your sick days then lounging in a chair looking out at the city of Rome? This is much better than the pastel painted rooms they give you in the US. (picture above)

I guess that's really all I've got at this particular moment in time, but that seems like a pretty good start to me. Also, I made a stop at a bakery in the old Jewish Ghetto yesterday. I read in my book that the bakery was delicious and so I got some cookies there. When I went in the wall was lined with these old Italian women yelling things at one another and somehow the woman heard me order even though the whole time she was yelling back at the women sitting around her. It was pretty funny. Anway, the cookies I got were really good: coconut filled with almond paste! (on the left) I also got these little biscotti that were pretty good, but I think I'll go back for more of the almond ones....


  1. Almond paste, sooooo good, you lucky dog. I would love to see the bakeries.

  2. These cookies look delicious, and the coconut/almond paste combination sounds interesting. Is there a difference between marzipan and almond paste? I'll have to research this, because I want to make marzipan soon.

  3. They look like old-fashioned macaroons that are eaten during Passover. I believe almond paste and marzipan are different, but I will leave you to your research.