Friday, June 19, 2009

The Glory that is (well, was) Rome

Today (Thursday), we looked at imperial Rome!!!!! (cue lights and trumpets) Our focus were the imperial fora located in the heart of the ancient area of Rome, which are basically large public areas built by various emperors. Not a whole remains of them today if you don't know have a map telling you what to look for, but they are pretty cool once you realize what you're standing in. They're not normally open to the public so we had a guard let us in and we wandered around the various spaces looking at important features. Personally, I liked the forum of Augustus because I've studied it a decent amount and Augustus is just really cool. We also went into the Forum of Trajan, which is gigantic and has the column of Trajan. I took this picture of me in front of the column. Apparently, its difficult to get permission to climb up in the column, but there are stairs to get to the top so its one of my life goals to make it up there!

After our morning lectures, our assistant director let us out early and i spent the afternoon at several museum (yes, with my museum pass!). I was super exhausted though so I went home pretty early and some of us went to yoga led by a fellow here at the Academy. Then, the most memorable event of the day happened: dinner. It was really awful--which is unusual. They served us pork with anchovy sauce. No one ate it. To remedy this situation, we were forced to drag ourselves to the local gelateria and order gelato. It was a tough situation and I know that everyone was forcing it down only as a form of sustenance, but it had to be done. I had Sicilian chocolate, which was chocolate with orange and was it ever good!


  1. Dear Rice/UVA scholar par excellance: If nothing else, you've become an expert on the nuances of fine gelato. Sounds like you're enjoying Roma, seeing quite a bit, walking quite a bit, with a marriage proposal thrown in from an Italiano. Not bad. Enjoy Pompeii.

  2. I would need to train for a year before attempting that climb!
    So sorry your dinner was not edible -- thank goodness there was gelato available!