Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A meter deep in dirt

Today was our second official day of digging. I have been assigned to the largest trench and we have been digging and digging and digging. Which also means carrying and carrying and carrying buckets of dirt to the spoil heap (aka the used dirt that will eventually be put back in the hole at the end of the season). my whole body aches and unfortunately i forgot to bring my trusted icy hot! Today, we dug about half a meter and we still have half a meter to go until we reach the one meter that the report told us we would need to go before finding the first remnants of "stuff." today we found an exciting development of a clay surface...I will keep you updated on its status.

Today was someone in the group's birthday so they had "cake" but let me tell you it was NOT cake. i was horribly disappointed. especially since I got my hopes up and everything. however, i have become infatuated with hazelnuts which are in everything. i buy lots of chocolate with hazelnuts and eat it, but i convince myself its okay since i am doing so much manual labor everyday, all day.

I have also developed a very fashionable tan line despite by spf 80 sunscreen. Also, everyday when I go home I have a dirt tan since the dirt coats my body as a thin layer making my skin look a shade darker than it really is. I have officially given up on salvaging my dig clothes and decided that smelling bad is just a part of daily life for the next 18 days.

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