Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today we continued our quest into medieval Rome visiting the church of San Clemente which is interesting because the twelfth century church, which is visible today, sits on top of an earlier basilica as well as an ancient mithraeum. The worship of mithras was popular in Late Antiquity and rivaled Christianity, but eventually died out. Basically, we went under the church to see the structures of these two other buildings. Then we had a nice break for lunch and later met up with our professor at the Trevi Foundation before getting delicious gelato at San Crispino, a famous gelateria. I had pistachio and caramel, again not the best together, but delicious by themselves. Afterwards, I went to two museums (with my cool museum card!). First, I visited the Palazzo Altemps, which is mostly Greek and Roman sculpture and is a relatively small museum. It was almost empty so it was nice. Then, I went to the Museum of Rome, which had a lot of eighteenth and nineteenth century paintings of Rome before it was actually excavated so it was cool to see the city in that stage. I'm trying to get as much use out of my museum pass as possible, plus I like flashing it at the ticket desk :).

Other than that, I'm starting to get a little bit tired. Its exhausting walking around so much and learning all kinds of new and exciting things all the time. Two more days in Rome and then on Saturday morning I'm going to Florence early in the morning and returning on Sunday night to Rome before heading to Pompeii mid-morning on Monday for the next four weeks.

pic: detail of a sarcophagus from the Palazzo Altemps

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