Saturday, July 11, 2009

Naples deja vu

Well, three weeks of digging down and one more to go. We have made lots of progress in our trench this week. First, we discovered a drain, which we have begun ripping out and will have the soil sampled for ecofacts and other cool stuff. We also found a tank and thirty coins, which is alot for one layer of soil!

I also ate pizza three times this week and it still has not gotten old.

Today, I went to Naples with a group of people despite the fact that I swore I would never return to that dirty dirty city. One of the girls on the project is from Naples so she took us to lots of good places including a bakery that sells ricotta filled pastries. They were delicious.Tomorrow I may head out to the island of Capri and the beaches of Sorrento. Stay tuned.

also, for all of you linguists out there (cough, cough, i know there are lots of you) I have been learning about the Neapolitan dialect. Apparently, its so different from Italian that you cannot even understand it often if you know standard Italian. Who know? Certainly not me. I have also been learning about Neapolitan hand gestures. Today, we had a contest to see who could spot the most hand gestures. I did not see any myself, but we are trying to learn. There are many, and many of them are not very nice...

Because I may not be posting much before my impending return to the States on Saturday I have decided to compile a list of what I am most looking forward to about being back in the US and what I will miss most about Italy. Here it goes.

What I am most looking forward to

diet coke


toilet seats

bathrooms with toilet paper, soap and paper towels

washing machines


new york times

clean clothes

What I will miss most

nutella filled cornetti

nutella filled cookies

nutella anything

tiny nuns everywhere

working in an ancient city everyday

the dogs all around the site

cheap gelato ((with whipped cream)

cheap and relatively efficient public transportation

the amazing outfits that italians wear....

the list could go on, but i will spare you all.


  1. Did you know that Ferrero nutella was first made in the United States in Aaron's home state of New Jersey!? You can still get it from there.

  2. A post related to linguistics, I'm so excited! I think some people consider this a separate language, because Napoletano and Italian are not really mutually intelligible (as you mentioned).

    This was almost as exciting as the posts about pastries and gelato.

    Have a fun final week!