Tuesday, July 7, 2009

You may not recognize me when I return...

Well folks, I am still at it ( digging that is). Not much has changed since my last post in terms of archaeology. My trench found a subfloor and a drain (get excited!), but i will spare you photos because its not much to look although it is pretty cool when you find it yourself and clean it all. I have become quite adept at sweeping dirt and making it look presentable. In fact, someone walked by our trench today and said it was "sparkling clean."

Our Saturday night Fourth of July was very exciting, but firework free!!! We had delicious hot dogs and hamburgers and frozen french fries and for dessert we all had watermelon. Sunday several of us went to Paestum, a town about an hour away from Pompeii, which had three really well preserved Greek temples. It was a bit of an adventure because we took a wrong train and ended up in Salerno for a bit, but we took advantage of the opportunity and watched the Italian beach-goers (which is quite an experience) and ate some pizza. Paestum is great because the temples are amazing! Plus, we had time to stop by the beach there at the end of the day. Unfortunately, I did not bring a swimsuit from home so I popped into a shop called "Seduction" which is near our apartment and is notorious for selling cheap bathing suits. Well, they sold me a cheap bathing suit, but let me just say, its not much of a bathing suit. Its a good thing I dont know many people in Italy because I am afraid this garment (if you can call it that) may frighten young children it is so horrible. Italians bathing suit standards are clearly different...

Yesterday, my sunglasses broke just as I was walking into the site so today I had to go on a trek through modern Pompeii to find a new pair. I didnt think this would be hard, but it turns out that Italians are very serious about their sunglasses and the only ones I could find were designer and much more expensive than I would ever spend on...anything. Luckily, I found a pair at a store, but they are super Italy-chic and my friends agree that they probably will not be suitable for Charlottesville. We will see if Aaron recognizes me at the airport when I sport my cool new shades...

Lastly, I found a great bakery that sells GIANT croissants filled with nutell for 1 EURO EACH!!!! and, they are open late!!!! best and worst thing ever.


  1. Do you think you could bring some of those croissants home with you to freeze for your trip to Nebraska??

  2. WHERE are the pictures of this bathing suit?!?! And drains are probably the coolest thing ever to excavate -- besides roads.