Thursday, August 20, 2009

Possible New Endeavors

I'm finally back in Charlottesville (for good) and boy does it feel good! I had a wonderful summer of traveling and learning, but there is definitely something to be said for relaxing in my own home and sleeping in my own bed for a while. Plus, there are tons of things to do in Charlottesville during the summer so I'm trying to cram as much in as possible before classes start next Tuesday. So far, that hasn't included too much other than TA training and hanging out with friends, but this weekend looks promising.

My trips to Omaha and New Jersey involved a bit of baking including two double chocolate layer cakes (one for my mom and one for Aaron's mom), which allowed me to improve my skills on that particular cake. I also found a new challenge when I attended my cousin's wedding and saw her beautiful wedding cake. I think I can reproduce it, or at least a smaller version since I definitely have no need to feed 300 people anytime in the near or distant future, so perhaps I will embark on that challenge sometime in the next few months....stay tuned!

Additionally, my trips involved eating a lot of desserts at all of my favorite places or my mom's favorite recipes. My mom made wonderful chocolate chip cookies and a pistachio cake and in NJ we visited the Rockland Bakery for canoli! All in all, it was a very pleasant trip, at least in the food arena.

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