Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Whirlwind weekend, and no baking!

This weekend was officially "reading days" at UVA, which is a more academic way of saying Fall Break. Its basically the time around midterms for undergrads meaning that most of them take a break and have fun, but our professors tell us  (in a kind way) that it means we should consider the extra days as concentrated work time. To be honest, its actually really nice because normally its hard to get my own work done in between class and teaching and grading and the normal little things that come up so these sorts of reading days really are times when I typically just work entirely on my own research. Last Thursday, I also turned in a draft on the first chapter of my thesis, so I was pretty excited and decided to take a little break from working on that.

Plus, Aaron and I had a wedding reception to attend in Pennsylvania on Sunday so we drove up to NJ and stayed there for two days because it was nearby. The wedding was nice and they had some delicious desserts, but with all the driving I did not have a chance to bake anything myself! oh well, its probably for the better after all of the eating we've been doing lately. This is a picture of us at the wedding.

And here is a photo of the bride and groom at their table, below. The groom is in Aaron's program and his family is Indian so they wore traditional Indian attire, it was really pretty.

After the excitement of this weekend, I have to get back into my normal regime of studying, studying, studying! I managed to grade all of the midterm exams for the class I TA, which means next week I get to hand them back. 

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