Friday, November 20, 2009

RIP Mixer

This morning I have some sad news to share. My dear little mixer died last night. It bit the dust just as I was mixing up a batch of brioche dinner rolls for a dinner I'm having tonight. (Suffice it to say, those rolls are no more.) It was very sad--I cried actually. I was sort of anticipating it since I use it at least twice a week, normally more like four times and its been getting progressively slower and hasn't been able to hit "high" power for a few months now. Normally, this would be very bad because I bake CONSTANTLY and you can't bake cakes without a mixer--perhaps my cake baking career will temporarily turn into a ice cream-making career. Today, however, its especially bad because I have mashed potatoes on the menu. I know, i know you can theoretically make mashed potatoes by hand, but I want to make them with a mixer because that's how my mom makes them and they are extra creamy that way. Plus, I love mashed potatoes.

So, this post is devoted to my dearly departed mixer and the creamy mashed potatoes that could have been.

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