Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanks Mom!

That's right, I am (or will be, in 5-7 days, standard shipping) the proud owner of a new kitchenaid mixer!!!! wooohoooo! This is an early Christmas/birthday gift from my mom. My birthday is right after Christmas and normally I complain about getting joint presents, but this year I am more than happy about the situation. It turns out, my mother has been secretly communicating with Aaron (this is a topic that I will not address in this here post) even before my mixer died a few days ago to see what kind I wanted and if he thought it was something I would like. He of course said "UM YEAH" when she asked and then agreed to do some shopping since its pretty hard to carry-on a stand mixer when flying from Omaha to DC.

So, we purchased the mixer this morning and it will be shipped to VA! I'm so excited I'm already imagining all the wonderful things I will be soon as my papers are turned in, that is.


  1. so... pretty... want to push the buttons...

  2. At long last! Congratulations on this new addition to your family.