Monday, December 28, 2009

a VERY white christmas

Since I've been home I have not done any baking. Well, I take that back. I actually made one batch of molasses-ginger cookies, but those are about the easiest thing in the world to make and took a total of 20 minutes (including baking time). Other than that, I have pretty much sat in front of my computer or in my bed the whole time, wishing I was in Florida or some other equally warm climate. If you don't keep up with the news (like myself) it snowed here on Christmas. Rather, it blizzarded here for THREE DAYS STRAIGHT. Beginning Christmas Eve we were stuck in our house and we weren't able to get out again until December 27 because the snow as too deep. Let me tell you, that is one fine way to spend four days (please note the depths of sarcasm in that sentence). You might say, Elizabeth, why didn't you bake all kinds of things since you were stuck in the house? And I would tell you that after a while being stuck in the house makes you just lose your resolve to do anything! Have no fear, this week I will at least be baking a cake because we will be celebrating my mother's birthday (it was on December 15 and I wasn't here to celebrate). This is a good thing, because there has been a noticeable absence of cake in my life since i returned home.

Instead of baking, I have watched a lot of television on the internet, worked a bit on my thesis, and read a ton of NY Times online, making up for my lack of news-reading during the semester. Today we are leaving the house and going to have Christmas (three days late) with my grandmother. so I wish you a Merry Christmas!

Here is something else happy in my world...


  1. Whoah! Congratulations! Who's the lucky guy?

  2. eeee! i'm thrilled for you both. sending lots of joyful and resounding congratulations!

  3. Knowing the lucky guy as I do, I would say you were both very lucky to have each other. You make a great pair!

  4. His parents must be absolutely THRILLED to welcome you into their family!