Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our Very Own Conehead

Since returning to the warm weather of Charlottesville (well, warm compared to Omaha) last week I have been very productive working on schoolwork, cleaning out my dresser and organizing the closets. I have a huge pile of stuff sitting in my living room waiting to go to the Goodwill and later this week I am prepared to rent a steamcleaner to give the carpets a good scrub. Needless to say, I haven't baked at all. I have actually only cooked once (a really good spinach soup that was ruined when at the last minute, right before serving I added too much salt). I hope to remedy this in the upcoming days, however, because I received several new cookbooks for Christmas including a cake cookbook.

In the meantime, Joe S. Biden had a small operation last week (I'll use some discretion here for his own dignity) and its currently sporting a cone. While I feel bad laughing, it is perhaps the funniest thing I have witnessed in a long time. He tries to go through doorways and its like a case of bumper-dog. For the first day or so he just sat in the living room letting out this constant moan because he was so miserable. He seems to have adjusted now, but the cone will soon be coming off. I think we'll keep it around, though, just in case we need a good laugh someday.....


  1. He looks like a dog in a drunken stuper that ran into a lampshade! Talk about no dignity,wait until he grows up and finds out you posted his picture all over the internet:)

  2. Poor Joe! I agree, he does look cute - but I hope he's back to his bubbly self soon.