Saturday, February 6, 2010

snowed in...again.

The subject pretty much says it all, another snowstorm has hit Charlottesville and we are snowed in. This is the third in the last week and they are predicting more for Tuesday and next weekend. We accidentally went to the grocery store on Wednesday night to pick up a few things and were greeted by lines snaking around the store. It was as if people thought the world was ending. The bread aisle was nearly empty! Luckily, we knew in advance so I was able to bring all of the necessary books home to do my work for the weekend. Unfortunately, I've been hit with a nasty cold and have been barely standing all day today meaning that my work has definitely not been done.

All of this snow also means that we are less ready to take Joe outside and for walks so he has a case of cabin fever. Since he was driving us CRAZY we decided to take him for a long walk this morning (despite the snow). If you know me, you know I hate snow and winter and anything associated with being cold so this is proof of my undying love for Joe. I also managed to snap a photo of him during his post-walk nap. The walk helped to tire him out for about, mmm 30 minutes.

Here's hoping the snow stops soon!


  1. Snowed in again, and again, and again, and...

    Ah! Joe! Can't handle the cuteness!

  2. Getting ready for round 2 today... after your Christmas snowstorms, you don't need this!

    On another topic, I was preparing a lecture on syntax and I wanted a picture of a cake (for a tortured metaphor). Is it ok if I use one of your gorgeous cake photos? I will cite appropriately.

    Stay warm!

  3. What a beautiful picture! I would like a copy to enlarge if you could do that. Joe is so cute! Wasn't it fun to be out in the snow?

  4. The snow is definitely beautiful when viewed from inside a warm, comfortable home. And Joe IS cute.