Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why couldn't Haman have a round hat?

This coming weekend is Purim and since we practice equal-opportunity holiday celebrating around these parts (especially if it involves specialized food in the form of dessert--we end up celebrating A LOT) I broke out of my thesis-writing mode for a few hours this past weekend to make some hamantaschen (ie: triangle cookies). Originally, Aaron and I planned to spend a while on Sunday doing it and we intended to make enough to last us and friends the whole week so I made like three or four batches worth of dough on Saturday night. We may have been a bit overzealous in our planning because Aaron got swamped in lab and so I spent Sunday rolling, cutting, filling, folding--repeat. By the end of the day I was cursing Haman and his three-cornered hats. At least if it had been round I would have been able to skip one whole step!

Anyway, I made two different kinds of dough: one that uses cream cheese and butter and another that only uses oil. The second turned out much better (although the first was delicious too) and we had upwards of fifty hamantaschen sitting on our counter Sunday evening. I emphasize had because I just went to take a photo and we are down to our last dozen!!! Don't even do the math, it is too embarrassing. To my credit I did take some to class yesterday and today and gave some away to other people so that probably accounted for, oh, fifteen or twenty cookies, maybe twenty-five. Either way, it is not good. (also, forgive the horrible photo, the light is very bad)


  1. These were delicious, I think I need one from each batch now to try to tell the difference. Perhaps you should make some more.

  2. You have captured the true essence of Purim by cursing and hating Haman! I think that's why making Hamantashen is such a time-consuming, tedious process; you're SUPPOSED to hate it. But everything turns out sweet at the end.