Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cake Pops, Round One

In my quest to concoct the perfect dessert bar, I'm experimenting with all sorts of personal-sized, one-bite desserts. These cake pops are one of my first experiments. All in all, they were a success. I know a few things that I need/want to change, but I've got the basic technique down. Plus, if you've ever lived in Texas or been to a rodeo, you know that everything is better on a stick (think, pizza on a stick).

To fill you in, cake pops are basically little pieces of cake mixed with icing, shaped into a ball, dipped in coating and put on a stick. Its like one bit of a cake. If you visit Bakerella you will see her many different shapes of cake pops, but I'm sticking with round ones. They are simultaneously perfect--being one bite of cake--and horrible since you can eat bite after bite after bite before realizing that you've actually ingested half of a cake in one sitting!

I'm going to play around with some different cake recipes and icings and mess with the coating to make a little less heavy, but I think these will be a keeper. These were chocolate fudge cake with a chocolate icing on the inside, coated with chocolate/white chocolate candy coating.

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  1. if you need a guinea pig taste tester... you know where to find me.