Sunday, March 21, 2010

The last oranges

  • Spring has finally hit here so we've been taking advantage of the warmer weather. My friend Meg had some people over last night to grill and I brought along this orange cake. I've been wanting to make it for a while and this seemed like a good excuse, since oranges are going out of season and a large group of people assures that I won't eat the whole thing by myself. 
It is basically an upside down cake. The original recipe calls for blood oranges, but they are not to be found around these parts right now so I substituted cara cara oranges. Not quite as delicious, but a good alternative. The cake base is polenta, which made it pretty hearty and a little different. The entire cake is made in a cast iron skillet so its very crisp. 

For the recipe click here

In other news, Joe started obedience school yesterday. He did pretty well, but he has a ways to go. They used chopped up hot dogs and he really like those (not surprisingly). 


  1. This was absolutely delicious (and definitely not too bitter, in fact it was perfect). I definitely ate too much, but don't regret it at all. :D

  2. It presents well. Sounds like it would taste good too.
    I'm assumming those hot dogs are Hebrew Nationals??

  3. The cake looks great. Joe is very smart -- I'm sure he will be an outstanding student, especially when rewarded with a hot dog.