Sunday, May 23, 2010

A master (of art history?)

Today was graduation. I received my MA in Art and Architectural History (I know, you are about to ask "what are you planning to do with that?") And, my response is, I will be moving on to get a PhD in Art and Architectural History.

My mom flew in for the ceremony and Aaron was there, of course. We only went to the departmental portion where we actually receive our diplomas. I figured that I'll force everyone to sit through the entire thing when I receive my PhD. It is an extra incentive for me to finish :) Originally, everyone thought it would rain today and we would have to move the ceremony inside. Instead, it was blazing hot and we were miserably warm in our black, polyester robes. I guess it is hard to really be comfortable in those robes though.

So, I suppose this sort of ends my year of thesis research and writing. Although, I guess it never truly ends since I will be sort of continuing with the same general topic for my least I think.

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