Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday!

My friend Elizabeth had a birthday this week, but since I have been busy learning Italian I couldn't make her a cake until this weekend. In honor of the occasion, we held a small brunch and also ate this cake (what? you don't eat cake for brunch at your house?). She requested berries and whipped cream--something fresh. I guess when your birthday is in June you grow up eating a lot of ice cream cakes. This cake was a take on a shortcake and I thought it would be appropriate for the incredibly hot weather we've been having recently.

The recipe comes from one of my favorite books: Sky High Cakes. When I was putting it all together I worried that it would just topple over because of all the berries and cream, but it managed to stay in one piece until we cut into it. I think this would be equally delicious with any other berries or maybe even peaches? Really, it just a light, yellow cake layered with a strawberry mixture and unsweetened whipped cream. How much simpler does it get?


  1. it was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muah!

  2. That is a totally simple,but gorgeous cake! Don't forget TJ's birthday was this week too!/Mom