Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Re-Birthday!!!!

That's right, today is Joseph Shmuley Biden's re-birthday: the day we adopted him! We have officially endured one year of wall-chewing, late night barking, computer cord eating and shoe stealing, but we have also enjoyed a year of stink-bug hunting, morning face-licking (although this could easily fall into either category) and tail-wagging.

Today, to celebrate, we dressed Joe up in his costume (for the millionth time) and took him to the UVA Lawn where they give out candy to kids all afternoon. There were tons of people and Joe was a huge hit! Little kids kept going "I see a turtle-dog!" He also wore his costume on Friday night to hear Obama speak in downtown Charlottesville (for photos, by a local photographer, click here). Obama was campaigning for our local Congressman Tom Perriello. There were tons of people and we couldn't hear anything, but Joe liked walking around and seeing all the people, plus we got cookies.

Also to celebrate Halloween, Aaron and I went to an art history party last night--in costume, of course. Aaron dressed as a bee and I was glitter (the craft supply, personified). Mainly, I just like sparkly things.

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  1. What a good-looking couple you two make. Plus, Joe is just SO adorable.