Monday, July 4, 2011

Elizabeth's Birthday (Round Three)!!!

My friend Elizabeth had a birthday this week, and if possible, I try to make my friends cake or some other dessert for their birthday. You can see Elizabeth's past birthday celebrations here and here when she picked chocolate cake and strawberry shortcake, respectively.

It just so happens that Elizabeth is also departing for a five-month long journey around Europe to do research for her dissertation so this was an extra-special birthday. She was planning to just buy an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins!!! The horror! So I told her, I would make an ice cream cake--I have been meaning to make a chocolate version since my last strawberry and cream version two years ago--and this seemed like a great opportunity. She picked chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip ice cream, which as you can imagine is a great combination. I topped the whole thing off with a sweetened whipped cream-yum!

It turns out, the cake is actually too tall to fit in my cake carrier, so it got a little smooshed when I put it in. It still tasted great, but the icing was a little damaged...

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  1. you make da bestest cakes everrrrr!!!