Friday, July 8, 2011

Special Cupcakes

A few Mondays ago we attended a wedding (actually we participated in the wedding). More exciting than that, at least if you ask me, was the dessert that followed the wedding: CAKE and CUPCAKES and CANNOLI and FRENCH MACARONS. In other words, DELICIOUS!

Let me tell you, I had been looking forward to these particular desserts for weeks--no, months--no actually a year and a half. And, they did not disappoint. I really only ate the cake, but I ate enough of the cake to make up for not eating everything else (so much, that it would be too incredibly embarrassing for me to admit how much on this blog---oh,okay, almost the entire top layer...eeek, don't judge me). The cake is a princess cake and if you've never had such a cake then you should probably find the closest bakery that makes such a thing and order one ASAP. Otherwise, you should probably come to Charlottesville--it may be the only worthwhile reason to come here. Basically, its a white cake with Bavarian cream filling topped with a layer of marzipan. I guess it sounds just 'okay' but it is amazing.

The cupcakes, are lemon/lemon and peanut-butter cup aaaannnd I made them! Since I like to bake I thought it was only fitting that I contribute some cupcakes to this dessert display. In addition, it gave me something relaxing to do. These you can't buy, you just have to wait for me to make them for you :)

All in all, I think it was a successful day (and I'm only showing you dessert!).

Note: These photos are by the talented Jeff Greenough


  1. Love, love, loved your tiny cupcakes! I would agree that it was a most successful day, and I congratulate you on your baking triumph (along with all the other triumphs of the day, the week and the month!) You are a truly amazing woman. xoxo

  2. ABC Princess Cake!!!!!! The most delicious thing in the world.

  3. your cupcakes were SOOOOO good!!!!!