Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Peach Pie

Alright people, if you have ever read my blog (which not many of you have) you should know that I hate pie. Like, really hate. Now, this is strong language coming from someone who basically substitutes dessert for every meal. Breakfast: brownies. Lunch: ice cream. Dinner: brownies AND ice cream. Total win. And that is on the days that I run out of cake. But, give me a piece of pie and I will gladly skip out on dessert altogether. Now, there are several small exceptions to this rule, for example, I will indulge in a small piece of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving and, on occasion, I enjoy my Aunt Judy's chocolate pie. Otherwise, I'm pretty much against the idea of pie, I'm not sure why. (One recent theory that I came up with while explaining my dislike to Aaron is that I hate the gooey fruit stuff in pie--why does the fruit have to have that weird texture?)

Because of my incredible dislike of pie I also never make pie. Sadly, pie is one of Aaron's favorite desserts. I don't feel too bad since I make other desserts all the time, but recently I was at Trader Joe's and was feeling nice so I bought him an apple pie. He didn't get around to eating for a few days because we had other desserts in the house (case in point) and when he opened it, it had gone bad! It was gross and sad for him, but to make up for his disappointment he decided to just make his own pie. A wonderful solution if I've ever heard one.

Instead of apples he decided on peaches, since they are much more in season. He found a great recipe for the pie crust, which I have linked here, although I can't really give any pointers. As you can see, the pie turned out beautifully and quite delicious (Now Aaron is the one eating dessert for every meal, hence the 3/4 eaten pie).

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  1. That is one delicious looking pie! The baker of that pie must truly be an artist!