Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sweet Spring Break

I know I promised more posts with the new year, but it seems my promises mean little these days. Plus, I've been cooking and baking less and less. I do have a few past experiments to share, but they will have to wait because the photos are on my other camera. Alas, I want to share my recent spring break trip.

I spent a week in LA at the Getty Research Institute. Now, this may sound boring at first, however, it was tons of fun! It was my first visit to the Getty and I was able to spend seven days in their library using all of their amazing resources. Mostly, I worked in the Special Collections Reading Room consulting an archive of photographs and excavations reports and early drawings about Pompeii and other Vesuvian towns. This was really interesting, but also sometimes mind-numbing because of the daunting task involved with reading someone's handwriting and personal notes from sixty years ago. Above, you can see the awesome view I had every morning on my way to the library and back home.

Besides sitting in the freezing cold reading room, I didn't do much except museum hop (it is really exhausting reading all day). I visited both Getty museum (the Center and the Villa) and the LACMA, which are all day-long excursions in themselves. I also spent a lot of time in my car, driving around, sitting in traffic, getting lost, etc. All in all, it was an excellent trip except now I am exhausted and wish I could have another spring break...

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